Alé - Fewer Wheels, Fewer Fill-ups

The alé is a three wheeled car that according to the designers site uses a new engine system where vapor is burned, rather than liquid fuel. I'm not sure entirely how this differs from a normal combustion engine, but if the results they have been getting are correct then they are certainly doing something right.

The stable design can pull 1.7 g when cornering, even using road tyres, and can pull from 0-60mph in five seconds. This is pretty impressive performance for a drive-train that is also so frugal with fuel.

The car is being used to promote and test the engine developed by FuelVapor Technologies Inc. The company also plan to enter it into the Automotive X-Prize competition.

Brad Zimmerman, the head technician at the company, said after driving the car, "I drove it hard for 4 solid hours, throwing it into corners, accelerating and braking hard. The car's performance is spectacular. After all that hard driving, we only went through $10 in gas." Hardly the most objective of opinions, but I'm still excited. ::FuelVapor Technologies

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