Airlines Shaving Costs Everywhere They Can


We recently covered truckers protesting the high price of diesel, but truckers aren't the only people concerned about rising fuel costs. Airlines, whose largest expense is now fuel, are taking action, and they are doing more than cutting flights to save fuel; they are actually "going over their planes with a fine tooth comb and tossing anything that isn't absolutely necessary" in a desperate bid to save weight and fuel. Here are some examples:

US Airways is chucking meal carts and replacing them with models that are 12 pounds lighter. They've also tossed the glassware in first class in favor of less jet-set but lighter plastic cups. Carriers also are pulling magazine racks, trash compactors and ovens...American Airlines has all but called in Jenny Craig to shave weight from its fleet, pulling in-seat phones and their heavy wiring, removing lavatory power converters and investing in lighter silverware for business class passengers
So does all this make a difference?The airlines sure seem to think so. US Airways claims that its "lighter beverage carts will save $1.7 million in annual fuel costs," and "American expects to cut fuel consumption by 111 million gallons through its weight reduction efforts." Of course, several airlines have been taking some heat lately for flying empty or near-empty planes. But with three airlines going belly up in the past few weeks it seems the airlines will have to do everything in their power to save money. . . How about bean bag chairs in cattle-class? Now that would be a win-win situation!

Via: ::Wired (Blog)

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