Aeroscraft — Rebirth of The Blimp


If you liked our posts on the Magenn (a, b, and c), you might fancy this too. One of the many pitches used by Californian based Aeros, to sell their modern rendering of the blimp is to dub it 'The Ecological Aircraft'. They go on to suggest it is "the first manned aircraft of its kind to be propelled by electric motors. This prop-motor combination allows for operations in ultra-low noise emission. This capability, together with the aircraft's inherent ability to stay airborne almost independent of power settings - not available in any other classes of aircraft - will allow [it] to operate in the most ecologically sensitive areas." And then this; "They are energy efficient, expending fuel only to propel the airship, due to their inherent floating ability." Compared to a passenger jet of similar carrying capacity it should require only half the fuel to operate. Plans are afoot to build 150-180 passenger cruisers for luxury travel, as well as city-to-city travel (LAX to JFK in 18 hours - although because the Aeroscraft can take off and land vertically, standard runways and infrastructure are not required.) Plus there are freight models too. "The idea is for the Aeroscraft to take 20 truckloads of goods straight from a factory in Japan to a warehouse in California in a day and a half, bypassing crowded ports and clogged rail lines." A prototype Aeroscraft is, if I read correctly, being built at the moment, as proof of concept and is due to grace the airways in 2010, filled with its 14 million cubic feet of helium. Now that's thinking big. ::Aeros via ::Dexigner