Aerorider: Low Emission Commuter

The photo would suggest some slick new concept car to excite the revheads. But look closely at the wheels and you see that it's pedal pushers who are more likely to get a racing pulse The Aerorider is a fully enclosed (and ventilated) semi-recumbent trike that comes an electric-assist drive. Combining the 17Ah 36Volt DC SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery power, with the 7 speed bicycle internal hub, you can attain speeds of 45 km/h (28mph), with the battery giving a range of 25 - 50 km. In Europe this classifies the Aerorider as a moped. In the US the motor can be limited to a 20mph maximum to retain 'bicycle' status. Conceived as "clean and efficient propulsion" assisted commuting, the Aerorider is a cut or two above many trikes. iIt has front and rear lights and indicators, rear view mirrors. windscreen wipers, a tacho and speedo, bucketseat and headrest. And it can store 120 Litres of luggage too. All this does not add up to mere pocket money.
Your wallet will need to be fattened up with € 7.000 for the basic model and its SAL battery, more for the significantly lighter 30 cell NiMH battery. Yet it's exceptional streamlined detailing saw the Dutch designed Aerorider adapted for the European Hysun project. Who managed to get one to travel 3,000 km (1,900 mile) on just 3.3kg (7.25 lb) of hydrogen. And for this it won a special award at the Fuel Cell Congress ("f-cell 2005") held in Stuttgart, Germany last month. ::Aerorider