A Year-Long Video Review of the MiEV Electric Car: Robert Llewellyn's Gearless (Video)

Robert llewellyn with MiEV electric car photo

Image credit: Gearless

I'm a big fan of Robert Llewellyn's Carpool show. From reviewing the Mitsubishi MiEV to interviewing Dale Vince of Ecotricity, he covers some important green tech—and occasionally just chats with legends of cult UK comedy. Now he has a new show that should satisfy the electric car crowd—Robert has been given a Mistubishi MiEV for a whole year, and he plans to document his experiences of using it. Apart from finding out how to pronounce the MiEV (I wasn't expecting that!), Robert also tells us he is planning to explore just what the range is, what the emissions are like when it is charged from the grid, and how easy it would be to charge from purely renewable sources. Other subjects he plans to tackle are how fast it will go, how steep a hill it will climb, and all kinds of other factors as to how this technology will work in the real world. Below is an introductory episode—and a few more are already up on the Gearless website. I'll be trawling through them and posting highlights soon.