A Review of my Bike Friday Folding Bicycle

Fitting the bike into a suitcase wasn't as easy as I had hoped, but that was more due to my own clumsiness than a design flaw. With practice, it shouldn't take more than half an hour to fit everything into the case, and a quick fold (such as would be needed to take the bike on a train) can be done in under a minute. Folding the frame is as easy as opening a secure quick release, and fitting the bike in the suitcase requires removing the seatpost and handlebars, all of which can be done with a hex wrench. A neat feature of the bike is that a hex wrench comes attached to the water bottle cage on the top tube.

The only modifications I made to the bike were that I swapped out the low-quality gears that came with it for nice gears and brakes that I happened to have laying around my parent's garage. Finally, I slapped on my favorite race saddle and I was ready to go! By the time I was done with my first three hour ride on the new bike I had nearly forgotten I wasn't on my usual race bike. I can't wait to use it on my next trip, be it by train, bus or plane!

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