A Man & His Electric Car (Video)

Electric cars may be steadily going mainstream, but plenty of folks think 'steadily' isn't fast enough. So one particularly effusive EV lover put together a video extolling the virtues of his Nissan LEAF. It's hard to believe this isn't actually a car ad, so glowing is the praise, but hey -- some folks just really love their electric vehicles. Grist's Chris Mims comments:

Watching this video, it's the very mundanity of his experience with an electric car that's the most remarkable thing of all. It's just ... a car. But it completely divorces him from the entire petroleum-industrial complex, insulating him from oil price shocks and zeroing out most of his transportation emissions. It's like every day he gets up and, with little fanfare, says "I'm going to teabag Exxon Mobil and the climate crisis, and there's nothing they can do about it."
And then there's the $100+ dollars saved every month, the feeling of being on the cutting edge of a fast-growing trend, and the general satisfaction of having purchased a quality product.

EVs are approaching a tipping point, and folks like Kevin will be the ones that eventually trigger it.

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