A Man and his Velomobile


When Steve is not handcrafting sea kayaks, he is refining and experimenting with his pet velomobile. In case you don’t know, a velomobile is an enclosed human-powered cycle whose outer shell reduces drag and defends the rider from inclement weather. The cycle, usually a tricycle, is typically recumbent (reclining). The Dutch seem to be especially into them. In the spirit of do-it-yourself elbow grease, this man has been endlessly refining and rethinking his own velomobile design, and painstakingly documenting it on his website. His current version (pictured above) sports LED lights, including turn signals, integrated rear-view mirrors, an enclosed windshield for the rider’s head, and storage space for gear. Whether he plans to bring his final creation to market is not clear, but maybe if people start asking for them, he’ll deliver. :: Steve’s Velomobile Project via MAKE