A Lexus Prius?


If you trace the ownership of car manufacturers you will find an incestuous spider web. These manufacturers share parts and even chassis between different models. You will often find that even some prestige brands contain many parts from cheaper brands. It helps to keep research and development costs down, and streamlines the manufacturing process.

Toyota own Lexus for example, and this has led to speculation that there may be a Lexus version of the Prius on the way. Lexus have already dabbled with hybrid vehicles, so it wouldn't be an unprecedented move.

With no expense spent, TreeHugger have mocked up a prototype design for the Lexus Prius above. I thin you'll agree that it's a radical reworking of a green classic. Lexus could certainly do with some positive environmental coverage after they were caught lying about how green one of their SUVs was, so they could be looking for something like this. ::AutoBlogGreen

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