A Green Yacht? The Diesel, Solar and Electric Powered Hybrid Yacht

green yacht hybrid solar electric image

Image courtesy of DSE

Prospective luxury boat owners now have a green(er) option: the DSE hybrid yacht. On a sunny day, this beauty can go 6 knots per hour without using a teaspoon of diesel. And when it's foggy out (as it often tends to be out there at sea), well, not so much. But it's still the first American diesel/solar/electric hybrid yacht to hit the market—and that's got to count for something. The interior of the boat is still as luxurious (read: not-so-sustainable) as any yacht I've ever seen (pictures of). The only attention drawn to any sort of energy efficient or sustainable practice besides the solar panels is the towards the bottom freezer refrigerator, which uses 35 watts. The lavish furniture, plasma screen TV, "overstuffed" pillows, "high end sports car" chairs, and pop-out TV in the master bedroom don't exactly signal any decisive attempt towards true sustainability.

Still, the extensive solar paneling is certainly not in place merely for a greenwashing effect—it's a functioning, laudable step towards energy efficiency. And sure it's not as green as say, an entirely recycled yacht, but if you're going to indulge in a luxurious ocean-faring personal vessel, it might as well run partly on solar power. And according to the DSE website, the company is looking into supplementing the solar panels with wind turbines.

But at $600,000, it's certainly out of the price range of many humble green boaters—perhaps the DSE will become the new smug green celebrity yacht of choice.

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