'Car' Claiming 2,861km per litre Enters Eco-Marathon


In France, very soon, Shell are holding their Eco-Marathon. The winner will be the car that runs the longest with an average speed of 30kmph (19mph). More detail on this tomorrow from Lloyd. Anyhow Andy Green, of the UK, reckons his entry, the only British one, has a darn good chance. Indeed he believes he has invented the world's most fuel efficient car. Now ‘car’ might be too broad a term. The ‘TeamGreen’ is not the sort of thing you’ll be running the kids to football or violin practice in, or even collecting the groceries with. It barely weighs 30kg (66lb), and is but 600mm (23.6 inches) wide. It does however allow Andy the option of suggesting its single cyclinder four-stroke engine, with a capacity of a puny 35cc, can travel 2, 861km (give or take a few centimetres, one assumes) on a single litre. Whoops, sorry. For those not yet joined us in the metric world, that would be pretty close to 1,778 miles to a little over 2 pints. One may think Andy is just grandstanding with such a claim, but no, one of his previous creations achieved the feat of 6,603 miles to the gallon (0.036 liters/100 km), which is much the same economy. According to Andy, lighter vehicles are one of key ways for us to achieve better fuel efficiency. ::TeamGreen, via IOL.