A Car That Can Run on Five Fuels from Volvo


As part of a sustainability initative, Volvo has created a prototype vehicle that can run on no less than five different fuel types. The fuels it can accept are: hythane (10% hydrogen and 90% methane), biomethane, natural gas (CNG), bioethanol E85 (85% bioethanol and 15% gasoline) and regular gasoline. Hythane consists of 10% hydrogen and 90% methane, a blend that has tested most effective for this system. The new concept was introduced at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2006. The whole car is optimized for high performance, driving on any of the five different fuels, said Mats Morén, Project Leader Engine at Volvo Car Corporation. The Multi-Fuel vehicle contains one large and two smaller tanks of totally 98 litres for gaseous fuels (hythane, biomethane and CNG), and one 29-litre tank for liquid fuels (bioethanol E85 and gasoline).

:: Via Groovy Green via AutoMotoPortal