A Car Style We Wish They'd Bring Back: The Delivery Wagon

rambler Deliveryman utility wagon

Rambler American "Deliveryman Utility Wagon." Image credit:How Stuff Works

How many step vans and service trucks do you see every day driving around with far less than a full load? How many tradesmen could do their business comfortably with something less than a Mega-Truck? Delivering food to the farmers market, say?

What the service business market needs is a high efficiency, mid-capacity, easy-to-park, inexpensive, and easily secured, delivery vehicle. Long-defunct American Motors, of Kenosha WI, offered one back in the late 1950's (as pictured). With a nice roof rack and a low-emission diesel, this old Rambler would make a good starting point for a new design. (A hot looking retro-version of this baby would probably find a domestic market.) The downside could be......that old folks kicked out of their homes by the repo man would be tempted to return to their Hippie roots and take to rambling.

Yo Chrysler. As long as everyone will be watching you, 'why don't you do it in the road?'

yellow submarine photo

"Who would want to live in a Yellow Submarine anyway. Crazy Hippies."
Image credit:MyApologetics
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