98% of Commuters Favor Public Transit For Everybody Else

crowed bus photo

The Onion reports on a new study from the American Public Transportation Association, which concludes that something must be done to get everybody else off the road.

"Improving public transportation will do a great deal of good, creating jobs, revitalizing downtown areas, and reducing pollution," said one commuter. "It also means a lot to me personally, as it should cut 20 to 25 minutes off my morning drive."

The study is also big on car pooling. "When public transportation is not practical, commuters should at least be carpooling," said another commuter. "Most people, unlike me, probably work near someone they know and don't need to be driving alone."

The APTA is kicking off a campaign to promote mass transit with the slogan, "Take The Bus... I'll Be Glad You Did."
They campaign will focus on the positive aspects of riding the bus, including the health benefits of getting fresh air while waiting at the bus stop, the chance to meet interesting people from a diverse array of low-paying service-sector jobs, and the opportunity to learn new languages by reading subway ads written in Spanish. ::The Onion via ::Planetizen
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