84.66 MPG: Toyota Yaris Diesel Wins 2008 ALD Fleet World MPG Marathon

Toyota Yaris Diesel photo

Update: Toyota to Sell a Yaris-Based Hybrid for Around $15.7k in Late 2011
2008 ALD Fleet World MPG Marathon
39 vehicles took part in a 400-mile fuel efficiency challenge last week in the UK. Road-types and driving conditions varied a lot, but the goal was simple: Get the best gas mileage possible.

The overall winner was a Yaris 1.4 D-4D (diesel) driven by Andrew Andersz and Gary Luton (they'd probably have gotten even better mileage with only one person in the car!) with a final MPG of 84.66 (in imperial gallons -- 70.49 MPG US). Read on for more...

Toyota Aygo petrol photo

If we look only at gasoline engines, the winner is another Toyota: An Aygo 1.0-liter driven by James Sutherland and Richard Hill which 82.39 MPG (68.6 MPG US).

Of course, Toyota was proud:

Richard Balshaw, General Manager for Toyota Fleet said: "Achieving the highest overall consumption in both diesel and petrol classes has highlighted the efficiency of Toyota engines across the board. With a raft of new models due in the coming year with even stronger fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, Toyota will remain highly competitive in the fleet market."

The problem, from our perspective, is that both of these cars are not available in North-America. The Yaris is, but not with the diesel engine, and the Aygo is completely absent. We encourage Toyota to bring them over, even if in small quantities at first, along with other fuel-saving technologies like CVT transmissions and stop-start anti-idle systems.

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