8 Electric Concept Cars Shaking Up the Auto Industry Right Now

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4. Audi A-1 E-tron
Yes, Justin Timberlake was on board to roll out the new Audi A1 mini-car (enduring awkward onstage banter and surely a deluge of endorsement checks). No, that wasn't nearly as exciting as the revealing of Audi's latest E-tron concept, also for the A1--a plug-in electric hybrid that reportedly gets 31 miles on a charge, and 128 more with its range extender. 0-62 is reportedly 10.2 seconds. If Audi was ever actually going to make an electric car, I'd put my money on this one.

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3. Kia Venga EV
The Kia Venga electric concept car is most exciting for one reason in particular--it's a whole hell of a lot more feasible to head to production than anything that looks like Robocop could have driven it to work. Based on the model of Venga already in production now, this EV concept supposedly gets around 112 miles per charge and looks ideal for city driving. Mike looks at the specs of the Venga EV in greater depth here.

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2. Opel GTE
The General Motors-owned Opel unveiled an EV concept that makes use of the Volt powertrain--only the 'Flextreme GTE' is a larger, roomier car. Like the Volt, it has an all-electric 40 mile range, plus an additional 300 miles on gas-assisted hybrid driving. Other notable aspects of what could be Europe's most promising hybrid-electric plug-in include an incredible drag coefficient of 0.22 (which happens to be lower than any production car on the market), a 'transformer' effect where side spoilers emerge when the car reaches speeds above 30 mph, and parts made from aluminum, poly-carbonate, and carbon composites.

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1. Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Electric Plug-In
There was a reason this Porsche concept was the biggest story of Geneva 2010--the stunning design from one of the biggest players in performance cars, combined with a deep green statement sent the car scribes scurrying. That it reportedly (and O-so-reportedly) gets 78 mpg, and that Porsche has allegedly never made a concept car it didn't later bring to production, are both reasons to admire what Porsche has done here.

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