66 Ways To Save Money on Gasoline

More Ways to Save Gas: Things to Check Before You Get on the Road

17. Are they open? Is the place you are going to open for business? Shops often have irregular hours, especially at nights and on the weekends. Always, always, always call or go online first!

18. Do you know where you are going?
Have you confirmed that the address you are given actually exists and is accurate? IF not, you could be wasting fuel and time on miles being lost.

19. Did you do your due diligence?
Use the Interwebz, newspapers, or phone book to comparison shop before you drive around to several stores.

20. Do they have what you want?
Restaurants often have long waits, products can be out of stock, and so on. Confirm that the place you're headed can deliver the goods before you get there.

21. Can it be delivered?
Find companies willing to delivery what you need to your home. Amazon, dry cleaning delivery services, food, and anything else that will bring what you need without burning up your gas may save some loot and the planet some warming.

22. Do you have to go right now?
Traveling in off-peak times will reduce your time spent in traffic, waiting for lights, etc.

23. Can you combine trips?
Combine errands into one trip and plan your stops for the most efficient route. You'll save yourself time and money.

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