560 Tesla Roadster Orders Placed


560 orders have been placed for Tesla Roadsters, which is a large chunk of the 800 that the company claim they can make in a year. So, if you want one then you had better get in quick, the first cars off the line will be delivered in the fall.

Apparently, big-wigs at Tesla will get the first two, quickly followed by celebrity buyers such as George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's quite likely that Jay Leno will buy one as well, after his recent exclusive test drive - he loves cars and has a practically infinite amount of money to buy them. The first hundred cars off the line will be Signature 100 models - exactly the same in every way but for a small badge that says it's a Signature 100 model. No doubt the rest of the 2008 models will sell out very quickly, especially now that the Roadster is getting featured in a racing game. If they do, then don't panic, there are other options, like the Lightning. ::The Mercury News via ::Auto Blog Green

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