5 Safest Hybrids - Save the Planet, and Yourself


If you want to save the planet, you can buy a hybrid, but what if you want to save the plant and yourself, too? Auto Blog Green collected together safety figures for various hybrid models on the market today, created a list of the top 5 safest available now, based on crash test results. Take a look after the jump.
1. Toyota Camry Hybrid 4-Dr w/SAB
2. Honda Civic Hybrid 4-DR w/SAB
3. Ford Escape Hybrid 4-DR
4. Mercury Mariner Hybrid 4-DR
5. Toyota Prius 4-DR w/SAB

If you read the explanation of how the list was compiled then you could easily start to pick holes in it, but it's interesting to see how the market leader, the Prius, stacks up against other models - very closely. If you look you'll see that they all score mostly 4 or 5 out of 5 anyway, so the Prius is far from dangerous - it's up there with the safest cars available.

There's another list of hybrid crash results here, which shows that although you can rank them, they are all fairly safe. Safety is a huge concern in all new car designs, and no manufacturer is going to make a large compromise. I think that these figures are worth a look if you're shopping for a new car, but that the mileage figures should still be the most scrutinized statistics. ::Auto Blog Green