431 electric vehicles gather in Montréal to set Guinness World Record for largest EV parade

Montreal electric vehicle gathering

Sometimes electric car owners can feel a bit lonely on the road, but they certainly didn't in Montréal last week! The Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec (AVEQ, which translates literally to Quebec's Electric Vehicle Association) and the Centre National du Transport Avancé (CNTA) put together an event that brought together 431 electric vehicles to set a new Guinness World Record for largest electric vehicle parade (well, 432 EVs if you count the electric boat that was there, towed by a plug-in hybrid truck -- but the boat didn't count in the official tally).

The current record is held by Zurich, in Switzerland, with 305 electric vehicles, but they counted electric scooters, which the Montréal event didn't (that would be too easy, wouldn't it?). Once the record is made official by the Guinness people, Montréal should hold the title.

Montreal electric vehicle gathering© AVEQ
The EVs drove in what must've been the quietest parade ever, except maybe for the safety noise of the Nissan LEAFs, used to warn pedestrians at low speeds, which usually isn't a problem, but when you have dozens and dozens of LEAFs together, it can get a bit much... As you can see, there were also lots of Tesla Roadsters, Model S, Volts, and some DIY conversions.

Electric Porsche© AVEQ

Above is a converted Porsche, which the owner says is just as powerful as the original gas version.

Montreal electric car parade© AVEQ

The electric vehicles gathered in the parking lot of La Ronde, an amusement park, for the family picture that you saw at the top of this article, as well as for some speeches by pro-EV activists and officials.

“The electrification of transportation in Quebec is now running, and this gathering clearly demonstrates that this is not a marginal movement, but rather a change in the perception of the face of transportation in Quebec,” car expert Jacques Duval told the assembled drivers and other electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Here's the electric boat, though that one didn't count for the record!

Montreal electric boat© AVEQ


431 electric vehicles gather in Montréal to set Guinness World Record for largest EV parade
The world's quietest parade broke the previous record which was previously held by Zurich in Switzerland (but they counted electric scooters, this one didn't).

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