345 Tesla Electric Roadsters Recalled by NHTSA

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Photo: Tesla
Of Loose Bolts and Recalls
Nothing's easy for Tesla. They just issued a recall for 345 electric Roadsters (according to our friends at Autobloggreen, they're even going to make house calls and fix the cars at their customers' homes). The problem is with some rear bolts that were improperly assembled (not torqued enough). But before commenters go "Ha! We knew Tesla couldn't even screw bolts properly!", we have to mention that the problem seems to have been caused by Lotus who assembled that part of the chassis.
tesla roadster mechanical image

Photo: Tesla

In fact, Lotus is also recalling some 2009 Elise and Exige that suffer from the same problem, and all carmakers sometimes need to recall vehicles.

AP writes:

An owner complained about poor steering around wide turns, leading the company to investigate. No injuries have been reported.

Tesla said the car's electric powertrain was not affected by the recall.

The 345 Teslas that are recalled were built between March 2008 and April 2009. If you happen to own one of those, you probably should give Tesla a call if they haven't already contacted you.

Via AP, Edmunds, Autobloggreen
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