300 Miles in an Electric Wheelchair: Norwegian Couple Protests Rail Restrictions

electric wheelchair journey photo

Image credit: ElectricAid

Talk about electric vehicles and most people think of the Tesla Roadster, or maybe the more humble, but equally ground breaking Nissan Leaf. But there are probably hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles already out there in the world getting people from A to B in the form of electric bikes, and even solar-powered electric wheelchairs. Now one Norwegian couple has proven just how far some of these lesser EVs can go—travelling over 300 miles in their electric wheelchairs to prove a point. The story about the epic electric wheelchair journey comes to us via Richard and friends at ElectricAid—the folks who brought us a crazy review of the THINK City. They admit that it's a little off topic for electric car geeks, but there is something to be said for standing up for all forms of electric transportation—especially one that is of such vital importance to people with impaired mobility.

It turns out that Ole-Jørgen and Torill (no last name given) were refused the right to take their wheelchairs on the national rail carrier because they were 34cm too long. Incensed, the couple decided to make the 300 mile trek from Trondheim to Oslo under their own steam, charging up their wheelchairs at campsites along the way. The journey took them 9 days—but has garnered a great deal of publicity. And it looks like they even got to meet a troll!

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