300+ miles in an electric car

Tesla Model S 100D photo
Video screen capture Fully Charged

Yes, says Mr. Llewellyn, you can drive to Scotland in it.

"Can I drive to Scotland in it?"

That, says Robert Llewellyn, is one of the most common questions he gets about electric cars. So he decided to do a show about the Tesla Model S 100D—a car with a 100kwh battery that will easily do 300+ miles, at highway speed, on a single charge. (EPA estimated range is 335 miles.)

It's a video that's worth sharing with the electric car skeptic in your life. Because for those of us who have been following the recent (and growing) boom in electric car sales, it can be easy to forget that many people are still either unaware of the availability of mainstream electric cars, or they are still under the impression that they are for pootling around in the cities and suburbs only.

Here, Llewellyn demonstrates that electric cars exist that can go significantly further than the average human bladder—meaning range anxiety ought to soon be a thing of the past, especially as Tesla's supercharger and destination charger expansion kicks into gear, and as charging availability becomes the norm elsewhere too.

Of course, it goes without saying that availability and affordability are not the same thing. This thing costs £131,800 in the UK, $97,500 in the U.S. But cheaper electric cars are coming—not least the Tesla Model 3 which will still do 200+ miles per charge at less than half the price. And with battery costs falling all the time, some folks are predicting that it won't be long before 95% of our road journeys are taken in electric cars.

If you're still investing in oil, it might be time to move your money elsewhere. Oh, and while you are at it, consider putting a few bucks toward Fully Charged's production costs via Patreon. Help Robert keep spreading the word.

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