28 States To Get Smartlet Electric Vehicle Charging Station Distributors, Entire US + Canada Early Next Year

coulomb technologies smartlet charging station image

image: Coulomb Technologies

A bit over a week ago Coulomb Technologies announced that it would be installing 40 of its electric vehicle charging stations across California. Now the company will be expanding access to these chargers through regional reseller programs in 28 states, in the Northeast, Southeast, West, and Mountain regions. The program is expected to be expanded to the Midwest, Texas and Canada in the first quarter of 2009. These regional distributors will be responsible for identifying host parking property owners where the Smartlet Networked Charging Station units can be installed.

Coulomb’s reseller approach to expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure differs from that of some of its rivals, such as Better Place, which in addition to installing charging stations at public parking location, also plans on building dedicated electric vehicle charging facilities at which drivers could swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones.

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