23% of Brits Would Rather Drive


What Car recently conducted a survey on the travel habits of Brits, and I have to say that I'm disappointed at how lazy they seem to be. I can only assume that the survey was conducted only amongst their own readers, who will obviously be more biased towards taking car journeys rather than walking. Anyway, the results show that 23% would choose to drive a distance of 1,000 meters, rather than walk it.However, there is a silver lining. 42.7% said that they would support a total ban on private transport in town centres, but only if public transport was improved. Bizarrely, the exact same amount said that they never used public transport. It always amuses me that the very people who criticise public transport heavily are the same ones that never use it. I would say that in London, walking is very often better than public transport, and always, always better than driving. ::Auto Blog Green ::Image source

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