2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Becomes First Vehicle to Meet California's SULEV20

Honda Accord PHEV© Honda

124 MPGe City / 105 MPGe Highway

California's Air Resource Board (CARB) has just approved the 2014 Honda Accord plug-in hybrid (PHEV) for its new Super ultra low emission vehicle 20 standard (SULEV20 -- sorry about all the acronyms!), making it the first vehicle with a gasoline engine to get that label. The regular SULEV standard is already pretty stringent, and it is only awarded to vehicles that produce about 90% less emissions than an average vehicle. But SULEV20 takes this further: It is the most stringent in the nation and one-third cleaner (in terms of smog-forming pollution) than the previous lowest state standard.

Honda Accord PHEV© Honda

In addition, this Honda model has lower greenhouse gas emissions than the fleet average standard required by all cars in 2025, the equivalent of a 50-percent reduction from current required levels. [...] As a result of the advanced technology in its design, the full-size sedan model achieves 124 MPGe city / 105 MPGe highway in hybrid mode, and 47 MPG city / 46 MPG highway in standard (gas only) mode. (source)

The 2014 Accord PHEV was tested at 20 milligrams of combined smog-forming emissions per mile, which is very low (though zero would be even better, and we'll get there with electric cars powered by clean energy sources!).

Honda says the Accord PHEV will be released in early 2013. It'll have a 6.7 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 124 kW electric motor combined with an i-VTEC 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine producing 137 hp (102 kW) at 6200 rpm, which together have an output of 196 hp (146 kW).


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