2014 Honda Accord Hybrids gets official EPA fuel economy rating (50 MPG city!)

2014 Honda Accord hybrid
© Honda

Available in October 2013

Honda expected its new 2014 Accord hybrid to get 49 MPG in city driving. Well, they were wrong, but we can't complain: The official EPA ratings are in, and the Accord hybrid received 50 MPG in the city, 45 MPG on the highway, and 47 MPG combined. That gives it a driving range of driving range of 673 miles on a full tank of gas. It's always nice to see numbers being revised upward rather than downward (as happened recently to Hyundai and Ford, for example).

This compares favorably to other hybrid sedans:

Hybrid cars comparison MPGFuelEconomy.gov/Screen capture

Only the Fusion and Jetta hybrids are close.

The 2014 Accord hybrid will go on sale in the US in October. It will be built in Honda's Ohio plant.

2014 Honda Accord hybrid© Honda

Even more interesting is the 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in hybrid, in my opinion. Made in Ohio, the Accord PHEV gets 115 MPG-equivalent while sharing a lot with the non plug-in hybrid version. Hopefully we'll see a wider rollout soon.

The future is definitely plug-in, but the regular hybrid version should still provide a pretty big improvement over the gas-only model, not only in fuel efficiency, but also with reduced smog-forming tailpipe emissions (AT-PZEV).

Via Honda

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