2014 Honda Accord Hybrid to be Made in Ohio

Honda Accord PHEV© Honda

Outsourcing... From Japan

Honda has announced that it is investing $23 million into its existing Marysville, Ohio, plant to accomodate production of the new 2014 Accord hybrid. The new Accord has been getting good reviews, and the new Accord hybrid will hopefully be a return to form for Honda on the gas-electric hybrid front, with the new two-motor drivetrain a worthy competitor for other full hybrids (no official numbers yet, but Honda expects MPG to be in the high 40s).

But in my opinion, the model to keep a close eye on is the Accord plug-in hybrid, which was recently rated at 115 MPG-equivalent by the EPA. For now, only the regular hybrid will be made in Ohio. The plug-in version will still be made in Japan, though that might change in the future.

Honda Accord PHEV© Honda

Honda isn't alone in this. Toyota has already said that they would like to start making the Prius hybrid in the U.S. in 2015 (for the 2016 model, which should be a complete redesign).

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