2013 Tesla Model S Signature Edition is Sold Out

Tesla Model S Signature Red© Tesla Motors

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We are mere weeks from the first official deliveries of Tesla's Model S electric sedan (June 22nd is the target date, which is ahead of the original schedule), and things seem to be going pretty well for Tesla Motors. They've announced that they would begin repaying their DoE loans by the end of the year, that the Model S will have a longer driving range than first expected, and now Tesla is saying that all 2013 Model S Signature units have been sold, even the most expensive version which is about as much as a Tesla Roadster ($105,400).

Tesla is still taking deposits for the non-Signature Model S, though. But if the Signature is what you really want, you can get on a waiting list for next year's batch.

Here are the Model S Signature features:

Tesla Model S SignatureTesla Motors/Screen capture

It's interesting to note that the top-of-the-line Model S Signature is almost twice as expensive as the entry level Model S. This is clever by Tesla. They get both the wealthy people who don't care too much about price and just want the best, and the more mainstream (well, upper-middle class...) buyers who will sacrifice a few features and some driving range to still get their hands on a very attractive and convenient (this is not Roadster) electric sedan. This is a much better approach than either just targeting the top end of the market or the low-end (because with the current technology, making a super-cheap electric car is still almost impossible, but Tesla's third and fourth generation models should be able to do that).

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