2013 Nissan LEAF to get 20-25 Extra Miles in Cold Weather Thanks to New Heater

Nissan Leaf Snow© Nissan Austria

Northern EV Fans Take Note!

The Nissan LEAF electric car will get an update at the end of this year, and while I can't say I care much about the addition of leather seats or of a darker interior, the new, more efficient heater is a great addition. Cold weather is indeed a major foe for electric cars, and the LEAF is no exception. It takes a lot of energy to run a heater, and batteries tend not to perform as well in cold weather, so it's a double whammy that reduces the driving range of the LEAF in cold weather.

Nissan Leaf© Lloyd Alter

But according to Mark Perry, director of product and advanced planning for Nissan Americas, the updated LEAF will have a "much, much more efficient" heater that will dramatically extend the Leaf's range in cold weather. "You may not see much change on the EPA rating, but in cold-weather conditions you may see 20 to 25 miles of improvements," Perry said. That's huge and should make quite a real-world difference for northern LEAF owners!

For more on the LEAF's performance in cold weather, check out Alex's post on the subject.

Via Detroit News

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