In 2013, GM sold 23,094 Chevy Volts and Nissan sold 22,610 electric LEAFs

Volt and LEAF
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Neck and neck, the rivalry continues in 2014

2013 is over and the numbers are in, so we now know how many Volt plug-in hybrids and how many LEAF (LEAVES?) electric cars were sold. The LEAF made a valiant effort to grab the #1 spot, more than doubling its sales from 2012 (9,819) and reaching a final number of 22,610 for 2013.

Unfortunately for Nissan, that wasn't enough to catch the Chevrolet Volt. While the Volt didn't see the LEAF's growth in 2013, it still sold more with a final tally of 23,094 for the year.

In December, the LEAF had its best month ever with 2,529 units sold versus the 2,392 units of the Volt. This could be a sign that 2014 will be the year of the LEAF, at least in this particular rivalry. Tesla is aiming to sell about 40,000 electric cars during the year, so both GM and Nissan will have to significantly increase production and sales to keep up.

Interestingly, the strongest market for the Nissan LEAF is Georgia:

Nissan continues to see the effects of its price drop and expanded sales areas, with Georgia rapidly becoming a Leaf hotbed. Nissan's Paige Presley said that Atlanta was once again the Leaf's number one market and that, "sales are expanding deeper into Georgia markets such as Macon and Columbus." (source)

Nissan LEAF electric car factory photo© Nissan


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In 2013, GM sold 23,094 Chevy Volts and Nissan sold 22,610 electric LEAFs
A valiant effort by the LEAF to overtake the Volt, but it only came close in 2013. Maybe 2014 will tell a different story.

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