2013 Ford Focus Electric Gets Huge Price Cut

Ford Focus Electric© Ford

Ford Trying to Spur Electric Car Sales

When the Ford Focus Electric was first unveiled, I thought it would be one of the best-selling electric vehicles on the market. But things turned out otherwise (so far), with relatively soft sales. Is it because Ford didn't push it hard enough? Because the price difference with the Nissan LEAF is too high, especially now that Nissan is cutting its EV's price tag? Distribution issues?

In any case, Ford wants to shift things to a higher gear, and to that effect, it is reducing both the leasing and purchasing prices of the Focus Electric.

Ford Focus Electric© Ford

Detroit News reports:

Ford is offering customers up to $10,750 off for three-year leases, according to the Dearborn automaker's website. It also has dropped the base price of the Focus EV by $2,000 for cash sales.

In addition, Ford is offering a $2,000 cash discount on the Focus EV and 1.9 percent financing if the electric vehicle is purchased through Ford Motor Credit. (source)

Ford says a customer could get a 36-month lease with 10,500 miles a year for $285 a month and $930 due at signing.

But we should probably get used to these price decreases (not a bad situation for consumers!), as electric vehicles should get more and more affordable over the coming years, and at the same time, their level of performance should increase (especially the driving range). This could be another reason to explain soft sales; would be buyers have done their homework and they know that if they wait a bit, they'll get a better electric car for fewer dollars...

Via Detroit News

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2013 Ford Focus Electric Gets Huge Price Cut
Ford is reducing the cost of leasing and buying the Ford Focus Electric to move more units after a relatively disappointing year in 2012.

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