2012 Ford Focus Electric Pricing to Start at $39,995

Ford Focus electric 2012Ford/Screen capture

Pricing for the 2012 Ford Focus electric hasn't been officially announced yet, but someone at Ford jumped the gun and put the MSRP of the upcoming electric car on the company's website. Sadly, Ford couldn't match Nissan's price for the LEAF ($32,780, before government incentives), so at $39,995 (before incentives), the 2012 Focus electric will have to be really great in other ways to justify its bigger sticker price. Keep in mind that you shouldn't compare EV prices with gas-car prices directly, since EVs will have much lower fuel costs.

Ford Focus 2012 electric© Michael Graham Richard

The Focus electric will be powered by a 23 kWh lithium-ion battery. Top speed will be 84 mph (136 kph), no doubt electronically limited to conserve battery charge (too bad for autobahn drivers). The electric motor produces 123 hp/92 kw and 181 lb.-ft./246 Nm of torque which goes to the front wheels through a 1-speed transmission.

Curb weight is 3,691 lbs (could probably be lighter if it used aluminum and/or carbon fiber, but that would increase the sticker price).

Ford Focus 2012 electric© Michael Graham Richard

For more details and photos, see also: 2012 Ford Focus Electric: A Closer Look (2011 Detroit Auto Show)

Ford Focus 2012 electric© Michael Graham Richard

Via Ford Focus Reservation Page, GCR

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