2010 Detroit Auto Show: BYD Confirms Sale of E6 Electric Crossover in Late 2010


Photo: BYD
"Build Your Dreams"
According to certain metrics, BYD is quite successful. They've recently received an investment from Warren Buffett, and Wang Chuanfu (in Chinese: 王传福), BYD's boss, has been ranked as the richest man in China. But if you look solely at the number of electric cars they've put on the road, they haven't done much yet, with only a very limited numbers of BYD EVs sold in China. That could change in 2010, though. The company has confirmed that its E6 electric crossover is coming to the U.S. around the end of this year (a bit sooner than planned).
byd-e6-electric-car-crossover-photo 2.jpg

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
BYD E6 Technical Specifications
The latest specs for the BYD E6 are: A range of 205 miles, a 60 kWh ferrous lithium-ion battery pack (800 kg), a price of around $40,000 (not certain yet), and a switch to the J1772 connector (we wrote about it recently, follow the link for more details).

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