2004 Prius Worth Twice as Much as Same Year Ford F150

Toyota Prius vs. Ford F150 photo

Gas Sippers Holding Their Value
It is common knowledge these days that fuel efficient vehicles are selling well (SUV and truck factories are retooling) and holding their value better than gas guzzlers, but it's still surprising to see to what extent. Certain types of vehicles and certain brands always held their value better than others, but rising gas prices are magnifying these differences. Our friends at EcoModder crunched some numbers and some of the things they found are pretty interesting.

For example, if you compare the Ford F150 truck (the most popular vehicle in the US) to the Toyota Prius hybrid, you see that 2004 models of those sell respectively for $9,670 and $21,035 according to the Kelly Blue Book. The Prius is worth more than twice what the F150 is worth, despite an original MSRP of about $4k less ($22,160 vs. $26,140, though dealer 'incentives' usually bring F150 prices down).Fuel Efficient Cars are Better Investments
There are many reasons why buying a car with a high fuel economy is a good idea, and many people would buy them even if they didn't save money. But if you add the resale value and and the fact that you'll get back a higher portion of your original money, they become even more attractive.

The Prius kept about 95% of its value after 4 years, and the Honda Civic (non-hybrid) kept 75% of its value, versus 37% for the Ford F150 and 40% for the Dodge Caravan.

This is a good argument for the eternal (and not always relevant) debate about whether hybrids will save you money or not.

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