20 Cents Per Mile For Bike Commuters in Florida


For a few years, the Palm Beach Day School in Florida has been paying its teachers a little extra to carpool or take public transportation. The main objective is to free parking spaces, but it's also good for the environment and to reduce road congestion. This year, the reward-program has been extended to those who commute with a bicycle. They get paid 20 cents per mile, and will also reap the benefits of good exercise (less stress, fitter, better health). According to Palm Beach's "bicycle and pedestrian coordinator" and local bike shops, bicycle commuting is gaining in popularity (thanks in part to gas prices). What's now needed is more bike paths and bike-friendly workplaces with showers. Unfortunately, the Florida transportation officials don't seem very interested: "The small number of commuters who switch from driving to biking will never even make a small dent in traffic congestion. It's more of a personal choice for those looking for a less-stressful or cheaper alternative."

::Biking to work a gas for some, via ::Cyclelicious