2 Tesla owners take full-page ad to ask for new features, Elon Musk says he'll do it

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Getting a beefed up, infinite-mile warranty on their powertrain isn't enough. Tesla owners now want better cupholders! Talk about demanding customers...

All kidding aside, two Tesla owners who describe themselves as "very satisfied" have taken a full-page ad in a Palo Alto publication, where Tesla's HQ is based. The letter is very respectful, calling Musk an "automotive visionary" and the Model S the "great American car". But as they say, there's always room for improvement, so the letter makes a few suggestions:

The three safety recommendation make a ton of sense. In fact, the features suggested in the first point should be standard on all vehicles for the safety of both drivers and passengers and of pedestrians and cyclists. We have the technology, spending a few extra bucks on sensors is certainly worth the saved lives.

Then we get into more mundane things. Bring the cup holder forward? Ok, I suppose that makes sense. I have no idea what redesigning the center console "shoebox" to project the Tesla image means, though.

The last section is about promotion. Here I think the reason why Tesla doesn't do more promotion is obvious: They're supply constrained. They're selling all the EVs they can make, so creating more demand wouldn't result in more sales. In fact, it would just lead to longer waiting lists and potentially less satisfied customers who can't get an electric car. It's better to wait for the Model S production to ramp up and surpass demand, and for the cheaper, mass-market Model 3 to be out in even greater numbers, before even considering marketing efforts.

But the ad itself isn't the most notable part of this story. As you can see above, Elon Musk tweeted the ad and basically said that he agrees and he'll do it. We might not get every single feature right away, and Tesla was probably already working on many of those, but it's still very nice - and something unexpected in today's world - to see a big company listen to its customers and be responsive to their demands when they make sense. Kudos once again, Tesla!

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2 Tesla owners take full-page ad to ask for new features, Elon Musk says he'll do it
Safety features that should be on all vehicles to save countless lives for just a few extra dollars per vehicle...

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