185 Hybrid Electric Coke Delivery Trucks to Hit the Road in 2009

coke 185 hybrid electric delivery truck photo

Photo via edmunds

In the grand tradition of corporations making tiny green steps in the right direction, Coca Cola has announced it will be deploying 185 hybrid electric delivery trucks in 2009. While it's certainly a far more substantial move than Coke's mostly-lame unveiling of compostable cups at the University of Washington, it still has "For PR Purposes Only" written all over it.

That said, a step forward is a step forward, and the addition of hybrid electrics to the delivery fleet will make a discernible difference. Here's the lowdown on the trucks.
Adding to the 142 hybrids Coke already has in operation, the grand total now comes to 327 delivery trucks. Ostensibly, this makes Coke the proud owner of the largest fleet of hybrid electric delivery trucks in North America—according to the press release, of course.

The hybrids will feature 30% increased efficiency, and 30% decreased emissions. They'll also be quieter—the press release notes "30 percent less noise pollution," probably just to keep the "30% + pollution-related-word" theme going.

Best case scenario, the new hybrids' efficiency decrease fuel costs enough to offset their price tag, and Coke starts phasing out its old diesel-y fleet. More likely, they'll add 100 or so every year, harp about their "environmental programs and sustainability efforts" in a press release, and consider their image "greened."

Or maybe I'm just cynical. 327 hybrid electric delivery trucks is better than none, of course.

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