173 Kilometers in 24 Hours: A New Human-Powered Boating World Record


Greg Kolodziejzyk is pretty hardcore. Not content with one record, after pedaling 650 miles in 24 hours about this time last year in his "bullet on wheels" recumbent bicycle, he went after the same record for a human-powered boat. After 24 hours over this last weekend, chugging away on the converted kayak, he set a new record of 173 kilometers (about 107 miles, eclipsing the old mark of 168 km). He survived some pretty severe physical stress, a badly upset stomach and a series of bat attacks to churn out an average of between eight and nine km/hour and about 150 watts of power...amazing! Next on his list: a multi-day family camping trip (by boat) to Vancouver Island. Congratulations and good luck, Greg! Check out more pics and stats after the jump; read the blow-by-blow account at ::Adventures of Greg.


"After dark - I used a flashing LED light on the bow and stern so that the observers could see me."


photo by Karl B. Staddon

Average speed (km/h) during the 24-hour affair