100mph Wind-Powered 'Nemesis' Rides Again

wind-powered car photo

Image credit: Zero Carbonista

I hardly dare even use the term "wind-powered car" any more. From the early days of Dale Vince's prototype electric car to the day that the "Nemesis" finally hit the road, naysayers have been complaining that it is just another flashy sports car, or that it's not really "wind-powered". Others have been cheering on from the sidelines - applauding the Nemesis team's innovation and transparency. With the Vlog about the cars' development reaching episode 11 of 6, the saga continues. Scroll on to carry on the debate, or to see the Nemesis as it is finally delivered to an impatient Dale.
The battery management system seems to be causing most of the remaining delays - requiring plugging the car into a laptop to balance the charge. But all being well, after few weeks test driving at the hands of Dale, the car will return to the design team for the completion of the system and final tweaks. Exciting stuff.

Oh, and for those who don't think Dale's work erecting stunning urban wind turbines (or his purchase of green electricity) are enough to qualify him to use the term wind-powered car, let's at least remember that he also sponsored the world's fastest truly wind-powered car on its record breaking run. C'mon people, cut the guy some slack!

Video production: Tim Walter Associates Limited

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