Of 100 Million Miles Driven by Chevy Volts So Far, 2/3 Have Been in Electric Mode

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So Does the Volt Count as 2/3 of An Electric Car?

All the Chevrolet Volts on the road (about 25,000) have just cumulatively reached the symbolic milestone of 100 million miles driven. Of those miles, about two-thirds were driven in electric-only mode, and the rest used the gasoline range extender engine. That's a pretty good ratio, and probably better than many critics of the plug-in hybrid model feared. And if we deconstruct the numbers a bit, it means that significantly more than 2/3 of trips taken with the Volt are all-electric, since by definition the electric trips are shorter than the ones that end up using some gasoline, and so there are more trips per mile on the electric side.

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The 2013 Volt should do even better because of the slightly longer electric driving range, and we can expect that future generations of plug-in hybrids will keep further improving on that EV vs gas ratio, though at a certain point battery technology and the deployment of fast-charging stations will probably have progressed enough that most drivers will be able to dump the gasoline engine altogether and go 100% electric.

If you want more stats on the Volt, VoltStats.net is a great source of info. It shows that many Volt owners drive more than 90% of their miles in 100% electric mode.

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