The Capsule Hotel Gets a Remake

©. Nacása & Partners Inc/ Schemata Architects via Dezeen

Schemata Architects gives it a new image and a nice sauna.

Japan's capsule hotels have a bad reputation, described as "traditionally grimy, and primarily intended as expedient sleeping solutions for drunk salarymen who have missed the last train home" -- which is a shame, because it should be a great way to get a cheap place to sleep.

Now Schemata architects has renovated a big, eight-storey-high hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo, upgrading and modernizing while keeping a bit of the retro feel. They are quoted in Dezeen:

Our design aims to eradicate the image of the old capsule hotel by changing the interior and surroundings while keeping the existing capsules as they are. The colour of the existing capsules – an old-fashioned beige reminiscent of the retro design period – was rather difficult to handle, but we intentionally used it as a base colour for the interior to eradicate the impression of the existing capsules.

© Nacása & Partners Inc/ Schemata Architects via Dezeen

It is the first renovation for the chain that built the 9 hour capsule hotel we showed a few years ago. According to Dezeen,

The challenge for the Schemata team was to create an interior that fitted the brand image – something that was much harder to achieve in a renovation than a new-build. They did it by applying colours and materials that they felt would complement the old capsules as much as possible, including a dark screed floor, plywood cabinetry, FRP plastic and plain furnishings.
sauna in capsule hotel

© Nacása & Partners Inc/ Schemata Architects via Dezeen

Capsule hotels are intriguing because really, how much room do you really need when you are sleeping? Especially when they take the saved space and give you a real amenity like a beautiful sauna. I have often wondered why we don't have little sleeping pods with great soundproofing, air filtering and conditioning in our homes instead of big bedrooms.


© Nacása & Partners Inc/ Schemata Architects via Dezeen

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