Canuck the Crow Likes to Create Havoc

Crows, magpies, and ravens are famous for their attraction to shiny objects. And Canuck the crow is no exception. Canuck the crow is something of an internet celebrity. He gained fame for a viral social media picture of himself holding a knife in his beak, and his fascination with shiny things, particularly knives, got him back onto the internet again when he attempted to abscond with a knife from a crime scene in Vancouver.

Canuck was chased by a police officer for about 15 to 20 feet before he dropped the knife and flew away. The police were eventually able to collect the knife as evidence despite Canuck's desire to keep it for himself.

Not Just the Police at Risk

In addition to his internet fame, Canuck is a recognized figure in his hometown of Vancouver. He often takes the SkyTrain and even gave an "interview" with a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter about his voting preferences. More recently, Canuck was in the news for attacking Canada Post carriers, which resulted in people in nearby addresses not getting their mail for more than a month, though they could go someplace else and pick it up. (Mail delivery resumed June 27.)

How is it that this crow has become so comfortable, if not occasionally aggressive, around humans?

Canuck was found as a hatchling in 2015. He had fallen out of the nest and could not fly back up. His human "father" — the son of the landlord who managed a nearby building — raised Canuck until the crow learned how to fly. After tagging Canuck's leg with an orange band to signify he'd had human contact, Canuck was returned to the wild. Except that he never actually left the area and stayed around the yard, just hanging out.

A New Friendship Is Born

Around this time, Shawn Bergman was living in the building and due to his lifelong love of crows, he struck up a friendship with Canuck. It's a friendship that has not waned since. Canuck is generally friendly with other humans, but with Shawn, he follows his human friend to get coffee, waits with him for the bus, and is there when Shawn returns from work, Bergman writes on the crow's Facebook page.

The two spend plenty of time together, including, as the video above shows, working in the shed. Well, "working" may be too strong a word, as Canuck is more interested in stealing screws, eating spiders, and tipping over his bird feeder than he is in doing any actual work. The video does, however, demonstrate the strong bond between Canuck and Shawn, and their easy friendship.