Canola Oil vs. Butter: Which Is More Natural?

Three styles of one-pound butter cartons. (Photo: USDA/Wikimedia Commons)

As we attempt to become a healthier nation, there are opposite factions at work. One group works to manipulate food to become closer to their own ideas of what is healthy – whether it is by changing the genetic material in a seed or learning new ways to "refine" foods that were once toxic. Another group attempts to go back to the way nature made food, to turn back the clocks and eat closer to what our ancestors did. Some (often calling themselves "paleo"), take this as far as eating like a "caveman" did – meaning mostly fats, meats, and produce. These two groups are at opposite sides of the spectrum in what type of foods they support.

My contribution to that debate today is to share two videos sharing how butter and canola oil are made commercially. While, yes, butter is made in commercial grade, huge machines, the process resembles what you can do in your own kitchen easily. But, I’d really like to see you try to make canola oil in your kitchen. Do we really need to consume this "healthy" oil that was chemically treated to even be palatable?

Check them out:

How canola oil is made:

How butter is made:

If you want to know more — and for a politically incorrect view — check out this article about the history of canola oil.