Canadian Grocery Store Bans Trolleys, Backpacks, Reusable Bags and Even Baby Buggies

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Policy is called "discriminatory, racist, ableist, ageist, and sexist." It is also an environmental step backwards.

No Frills is a Canadian budget grocery chain, usually bright yellow and full of yellow packages originally designed by the late great Canadian designer Don Watt, who revolutionized house-brand products. They are often located in economically challenged parts of town. One store, in a part of Toronto that is home to a lot of low income people, recently banned trolleys, strollers, backpacks and reusable bags. The Black Creek Food Justice Network calls this action "discriminatory, racist, ableist, ageist and sexist."

They also point out that it is not particularly good for the environment.

You have also failed to align yourself with environmental sustainability concerns, as many of our residents prefer to use trolleys, backpacks and reusable bags to avoid plastic pollution and extra charges.

Many people in the area are poor and rely on transit and use trolleys for shopping. Twenty percent of the population are seniors. "Not everyone drives, or has access to a car, or can afford to pay for a taxi to take their groceries home."

It is an interesting issue. We all want people to walk or take transit, to use reusable bags and devices like trolleys instead of cars. The store wants to reduce theft, but as The Black Creek Food Justice Network notes, there is already lots of security in place.

If you follow the thread on this tweet, it appears that the company is backtracking rather quickly, and what we may have here is a failure to communicate.

I hope that this is clarified soon; we do a lot of shopping at the local No Frills, and certainly wouldn't want to support a company that does this kind of thing. The full letter:

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