On Canada's Birthday, a Call for a Union of Climate Action

Public Domain. The "Fathers of Confederation" in Canada. Mothers didn't have time to sit for the portrait.

Those crazy radicals at 475 demand High Performance Building across the Dominion.

A few years ago, Ken Levenson and his team caused a bit of a stir with their Declaration of Independence from Foam Plastic Insulation.

Now these Fenians of Foam are attacking Canada on the Nation's birthday, and have modelled legislation on the Constitution Act of 1867. Just as the BNA act is not nearly as inspiring as the American Declaration of Independence, the Building Climate Action Act doesn't quite have the same ring as the Declaration of Independence from Foam, starting with:

Whereas the Principles of Passive House, Natural Building, and Daylighting have expressed their Desire to be optimally united into One Integrated Approach, under the Timeless Vitruvian Wisdom of Harmony, Utility and Beauty, with Results in Accordance, with that of Optimal Climate Action.

They then call for all buildings in the Union for Climate Action to have an "Integrated Approach with Lower Carbon Intensity, Less Toxicity and Balanced Daylight with thermal comfort."

©. That's Ken Levenson in the hat on the right/ Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

© That's Ken Levenson in the hat on the right/ Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Ken Levenson, the founder of 475 High Performance Building Supply, is serious when it comes to Climate action, even to the point of getting himself arrested with the Extinction Rebellion.

So while this is all in fun, the idea behind it is no joke. It is in fact it is a good day to call for a new Union of Climate Action in Canada. More at 475 High Performance Building Canada.