Can Clie Really Pack a Whole Kitchen Into a 27 Inch Square?

©. Clei

When we first showed the Ecooking columnar kitchen last year, I was pretty certain that it was vaporware that would never see production. However a press release from italian manufacturer Clei shows what I believe to be a new iteration of it ,and a lot more information. The 27-1/2" square unit is described as a "totem pole" with everything you need in a kitchen, including an induction range, microwave, sink, dishwasher and fridge, three pullout tables with an exhaust hood and vertical herb garden thrown in. "The moving parts rotate around a central pivot which also forms the exhaust pipe of the dishwasher and sink. This rotation allows the development of a complete kitchen: the sink is flanked by the hob and supported by the work surface. "

Ecooking closed up

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However, some of the claims for the unit stretch credulity. There are "the solar panels that are positioned in the various upper modules (for which reason a position in front of a window is advised), capable of powering parts of the appliances independently."

The rotating hood contains a light that follows you while operating around the column and softens in different shades at lunchtime and when using the extractable tables. When instead you are preparing the food, the light is calibrated to provide optimum lighting on the work surfaces. In the hood the air treatment system, based on nanomaterials of titanium dioxide, for the purifies the ambient air and is capable of purifying a medium sized room in a few hours.
ecooking unit gray

© Clie, via Yanko

And don't forget that vertical garden!

A small vertical wall used as a vegetable garden, allows the cultivation of aromatic plants for day to day usage, whose growth is enhanced by controlled lighting and temperature. This allows you to always have fresh spices and essences, without the need to go into the garden of the house or the grocery store.

And I forgot, it has a coffee machine too.