Can a Border Wall With Mexico Made From Shipping Containers Be "Eco-Friendly and Sustainable"?

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Le Corbusier, who was quite right wing in his politics, did not believe his work was political; in fact he ends his most famous book, Towards a new Architecture, with:

Architecture or Revolution.
Revolution can be avoided.

wall meets coast

© Domo Architecture + Design/ Wall meets coastFrancisco Llado and Robert Moehring of Domo Architecture and Design don’t believe their work is political either, as they design a 2,000 mile long wall along the Mexican border, to be built out of shipping containers. They tell The Real Deal:

“This is an eco-friendly, sustainable solution,” principal Francisco Llado said. It would require 750,000 recycled shipping containers, which could be donated, he said....“There are other ways to build a border that is friendly and open instead of building a concrete wall,” Moering added.

They are also quoted in a recent post in Politico, where they describe the wall as having eco-friendly features like solar panels and even micro-housing, again stressing that their work is not political.

container trench

© Domo Architecture + Design/ It's not a wall, it's a trench

Llado and Robert Moehring, the firm’s other principal, did not want to talk about politics, and emphasized that their mission is purely architectural. “This is a different way of addressing the border that is sustainable, functional and hopefully beneficial to society in any way possible,” Llado says, “as well as any fauna, flora, landscaping, etc.”

But there is more than just politics that cause outrage; there is also the continued debasing of the words "sustainable" and "eco-friendly." They have just totally lost any meaning in this world if thrown around like this.

I probably shouldn't be giving this project any space on our site in the first place, but I want our words back.