Camping Gear for People Who Don't Want to Rough It

Opera mobile designer suite (Photo: YSIN).

For some people, hiking miles through the woods, cooking over a campfire and sleeping beneath the stars is an ideal way to spend the weekend. For others, it's a complete nightmare.

If you're more of a glamper than a camper, check out these gadgets and gear that will make nature seem a lot more like home.

Sleep in style

Opera designer suite

Don't want to sleep on the ground? Consider taking the mobile designer suite known as Opera on your outdoor escapades. Inspired by Sydney's famous opera house, the camper has hardwood floors, high ceilings and a wine cooler, making it even more luxurious than your average hotel room. Of course, if you're a bit more adventurous, you could rough it in the 146-square-foot Big Sky Lodge tent, which stands 7 feet high and even comes with closets.

portable propane oven

Gourmet gadgets

Forget trail mix and campfire hot dogs. There are a variety of gadgets for creating gourmet camp meals. Coleman makes a propane-powered portable oven and stove (pictured right) that can bake a 12-inch pizza or a dozen cupcakes, as well as a portable deep fryer. If you're craving Chinese, be sure to bring along the carbon steel wok kit. And you can wash it all down with a margarita made in Vortex's camping blender. Just don't forget to pack the stainless steel margarita glasses.

manual espresso maker

Joe on the go

Can't function without your morning latte? For $200 you can get the ROK espresso maker, which comes with everything you'll need to make a great cup of coffee. It even has a stainless steel milk frother.

Light up the night

There's no need for a flashlight when the Hozuki LED lantern is hanging over your campsite. Inspired by Chinese paper lanterns, the Hozuki has three brightness settings, and it has a unique candle mode that allows it to respond to wind or sound with flickering light.

inflatable outdoor sofa

Comfy by the campfire

Glampers don't roast marshmallows from atop a log or camping chair. For ultimate campfire comfort, inflate a Blofield outdoor sofa in just a matter of minutes.

Roasted to perfection

You'll never have to make s'mores with a stick again, thanks to the Rolla Roaster. This 42-inch long stainless steel fork has a rotating hardwood handle that comes in a variety of colors. Plus, it compacts to 12 inches and comes in its very own vinyl storage case.

giant Swiss Army knife

Not-so-pocket-sized knife

Sometimes a blade, a screwdriver and a can opener just aren't enough. If you want a knife that has everything, look no further than Wenger's giant Swiss Army knife. It comes with every tool you can possibly think of, including a flashlight, fish scaler, tire gauge and telescopic pointer.

High-heeled hiking

Teva high heels

Hiking in the great outdoors is no excuse not to be fashionable. Perhaps that's why Teva made these high-heeled sandals that come in two colors and retail for $330.

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