Camp Champ Puts an Entire Kitchen in a Beautiful Little Box

©. Camp Champ open for business

There's a lot to learn from the camping world about living in small spaces, and we have shown a lot of portable kitchens that are full of ideas that could be applied to the great indoors. Core77 points us to what might be the ultimate in transportable kitchens: the smart, compact and mobile Camp Champ.

camp champ closed

© Camp Champ closed for transport

It all folds up into this tiny cube but has everything in it, from a range to spices to dishes to a full set of knives, coffee maker and of course a corkscrew, " complete first class equipment for up to 6 people."

Once assembled, the equipment is easy to use and ergonomically accessible. In closed state the equipment is safely and vibration resistant anchored in its units. Ideal as a kitchen for the garden, overlanding travel, 4 wheel trips, canoeing [really? it weighs 70 kilos! 150 pounds! Portage that!] travel by boat, picnics, all outdoor activities.

It's all constructed of the best light boatbuilding plywood and filled with equipment and tools "chosen without any compromise".

A homage to the ideals of a golden age in which a piece of equipment was measured by its usability, functionality and aesthetics.

Now I am never one to compare or complain about prices of beautiful objects handmade by family craftspeople in the Austrian woods, but €5,400 (about six grand) surprised even me. But hey, that is cheaper than a real kitchen and look at all the space it would save.